BCCI is not happy with Budget given by BCCI to England for the Champions Trophy 2017. ICC gave almost 900 crore budget for the Tournament.

Earlier this year India hosted the World T20 2016 and ICC gave budget for this tournamet was approx 300 crore so it was obvious that BCCI is not happy with that.

So BCCI wanted that the budget should be less then 400 crore for the Champions Trophy because in World T20 2016 58 matches played and in Champions Trophy only 15 matches will be played.

Why ICC approved this much budget for this Trophy that was one of the Big Question ??

BCCI apposed that decision that was obvious but we are not still getting the 900 crore approval for this event only and only for the 15 matches really surprising.

BCCI has already sent a letter to the ICC and have “expressed their reservations about the budget”. This matter will be up for debates and deliberations on the sidelines of the ICC Chief Executives meeting to be held in Dubai on September 6 and 7.