Lendl Simmons bats with just one pad creating lots of buzz around world by cricketing fans.

To play with just one pad is legal ?? Does he did for run faster ?? Is this for creating a buzz ?? So many questions.

Even though Lendl Simmons played with one pad he scored the slowest T20 fifty. He also runout after scoring 50, he scored 50 in 60 balls.

So this one pad batting was not work for Simmons but one thing go in his favor is creating so much buzz by playing with one pad.

Braithwait tweeted on twitter that Another first for @CPL means so many new thing happen at CPL.

Despite of Lendl Simmons scored 50 for Patriots his team only able to score 108 in 20 overs and to chase the target of 109 Amazon Warriors's captain Guptill wants to finish the match early and he score quick fire 43.

In the end of the inning Badree and Shamsi took 2 wickets each but it would help their team and Warriors won easily by 4 wickets with 22 balls remaining.