Lodha Committee is back with another rule that any official can rule only 18 years that was devided in 2 parts as he/she can govern for a nine years at the state association level and another nine years as a BCCI office-bearer.

"The nine-year bar applies either to office under the BCCI or separately in state associations. The period as office-bearer under the state shall not be counted towards the period as office-bearer of the BCCI and vice-versa,"

"Therefore, technically one individual can be an office bearer at the state association for nine years and separately an office bearer/councillor at the BCCI for another nine years, subject of course to the cooling-off period after each term."

"Any individual who has cumulatively completed a period of nine years as an office-bearer of a state association stands disqualified from contesting elections or holding a post in the association,"

"This will apply to any person as of the date of the election, and will include periods prior to the date of the judgment (18.07.2016). If any person has completed nine years as an office bearer of the state association by or before 18.07.2016, such person stands disqualified."

Apart from the nine years stipulation, no one can continue as an office-bearer the moment he attains the age of 70 years, even if he/she has one or two years left in the tenure.