To be accepted

  1. Compliance to the ‘avoidance of conflicts’

  2. No uniform grants from the BCCI

  3. No proxy vote

  4. Adherence to transparency

  5. Appointment of ethics officer and ombudsman

  6. Appointment of electoral officer for elections

  7. Create ways to generate revenue

  8. Mandatory update of website

  9. Women and players’ induction into committees

  10. Each district to have a ground.

To be rejected

  1. One state, one vote

  2. BCCI under RTI

  3. Restrictions on ministers and govt servants from assuming office

  4. One person, one post

  5. Governing body should comprise nominated players

  6. Vacate the state association post if an individual becomes a BCCI official

  7. Forming an independent selection panel comprising ex-cricketers that won’t be answerable to governing body

  8. No zonal rotation/nomination for BCCI president

  9. No zonal nomination for BCCI vice-president

  10. To make existing stadiums ‘amenable to other sports’

  11. Ad-free cricket on television


  1. Appointment of a manager/CEO.


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