International Cricket Council is set to introduce a whole new system to the ODI format by forming a 13 team league system in place because of so many leagues going on around the world for another sport like Football and all.

Teams that finish in the top 2 will face against each other in a final as ICC are looking to improve the popularity of the game across the world.

Biggest problem for ICC is to increase the popularity of the ODI  format as only World Cup is drawing the interest of the audience but the bilateral series have lost since past few years.

ICC have already come up with the idea of introducing a two-tier system in test cricket which is losing on huge crowds in the recent years. The test system would likely be in place from 2019 with the concept of promotion and relegation like in the game of football.

The league will hugely benefit the likes of Afghanistan, Ireland, and other associates as they would get the chance to play big teams like Australia, India and others in some of the iconic stadiums in the world.

The proposed system might come into place but it has to be seen whether the top cricket boards would accept the change as the discussion is set to come back in the next ICC meeting in Edinburgh at the end of the month.

ICC has to do another thing is to arrange this kind of leagues to that countries in which cricket is not that much popular and football was so much popular like in Europe Countries.

That will bring more interest in cricket from that countries and arrange few this kinds of leagues to make cricket world wide like football and basketball and all.