Indian test team recently won the third test match against West Indies and be a strong contender to be no. 1 in test cricket after the Australian bad performance against Sri Lankans.

India recently did well under the Virat Kohli's captaincy and became more storng after the new coach as he him self a bowler so it help Indian team in test cricket.

After Virat Kohli's appointed as a Captain India always play with 5 bowlers and that will help India in most of the situations expect Australia.

Now India just one step away to be a No.1 after long time before this India be the no.1 under the Dhoni's captaincy and it was maintain till 18 months.

In recently released ICC Test Ranking Pakistan maintain their third spot in third spot and Australia are still at top and India at the second position.


Australia No.1: Australia need to win last Test and West Indies need to win or draw 4th Test

India No.1: India need to win 4th one of the series

Pakistan No.1: Sri Lanka and West Indies need to win or draw, respectively

Here are the latest ICC Test Team Rankings:
5New Zealand99
6South Africa92
7Sri Lanka85
8West Indies65