Misbah-ul-Haq became the oldest Test centurion in the last 82 years of cricket in the first innings of the Lord’s Test against England.

He became the oldest Test centurion since England’s Frank Woolley scored 154 in 1929. He was 14 days older than Misbah is now.

He said : “That was my promise to the army guys when we did our training camp,”

“We used to have an honour code where we were told to step into the ground and do ten push ups. I promised them whenever I got hundred I would do that to remind them (Army) we were there.

“That was for them and the salute was for the (Pakistan) flag. That was what they asked us to do so I did it for them.”

He did the unique celebration after his 10th ton in test cricket, He celebrate by doing 10 push ups on the ground and after this celebration its goes viral in all around the world.

Even on second day before the start of the day David Lloyd and Michael Vaughan did push ups, they did 20 push ups as they showed that they are fit enough at 40s.

After winning first test match pakistan players do the push ups as their celebration and it goes viral all around the world.

Misbah expected to retire after this tour but he became famous for his celebration after that push ups.

Few Pakistani players also do push ups, Ahmed Shahzad did 10 push ups to celebrate the win of the Pakistan over England after 20 years at Lords.

An U15 cricket team in Karachi have been seen doing the push ups in synchronisation, like their senior national team did after the win.

The push up has been one of the biggest talking points of the England-Pakistan series, but the push up celebration has gone beyond the boundaries of the match.

A #MisbahPushUp Challenge has been initiated, and there are many people tagging each other on Twitter and Facebook, challenging them to do a series of push ups.