As per media reports, Gambhir, saying : “I don’t believe in biopics on cricketers. I think those people, who have contributed more to the country than the cricketers, deserve a biopic.”

“There are lots of people in the country who have done so many noble deeds for the nation. Therefore biopics should be made on their lives.”

However, the director, Pandey, had snubbed aside those allegations and had urged the fans to wait until September 30 – when the movie gets released – to find it out for themselves.

Whatever said by any one but the fans of the Dhoni in India is uncountable and they are very excited about the Biopic cause everyone wants to know about Mahi.

Gambhir also right he is not against the Mahi he just wants to say that made movies on the Army mans or someone who gave their life to protect the nation.