"I rate him higher than Zaheer Khan in ODIs and T20s. Because of the kind of pace he generates, the kind of line and length he can bowl, the yorkers he can bowl," "I think Nehra as an ODI and T20 bowler has been very good. He did well in the 2011 World Cup and before that. In 2011 World Cup he got injured and he didn't play after and I don't know why and what the reason was." - Sehwag.

"I still remember the game when we scored 414 against Sri Lanka at Rajkot. Nehra and Zaheer bowled 30 yorkers out of 36 balls in last six overs and we won by 4 runs. They were the two experienced bowlers and they bowled beautifully. But why I rate Nehra higher than Zaheer in ODIs is because Nehra picked a lot of wickets, bowled in Powerplays and deaths and all the times in difficult situations."

"He has worked hard on his fitness and has been more reliable than the other fast bowlers," he says "Yes, they didn't play much cricket - Varun Aaron, Umesh Yadav and Ishant Sharma - but the moment they play 150-200 or 250 ODIs and T20s, maybe they will get experience and they will deliver better. At the moment, Nehra is the best choice for T20 World Cup."

@ Virender Sehwag on Cricbuzz