Wahab Riaz backs Mohammad Amir as he come back in the test cricket after 6 year and after his spot fixing charges in 2010.

After his come back in international cricket Pakistan lifted up as they did in previous few years. Before Amir their bowling line up looks like something missing.

But After his comeback in international cricket Pakistan looks power pack in their bowling department they just need to focus on their batting only.

"What has happened has gone now, it has gone a long way now so I think the best thing is that he can perform well," said Riaz. "I want him to take five wickets in this Test match to get his name back and to get his image back which has been spoiled and I wish him all the best to win this Test for Pakistan.

"I think he will deal with all those things and he is ready to answer with his performance and that is what counts."

Wahab Riaz also one of the dangour bowler when bowl is swinging and he showed his best at the World Cup 2015 against Australia and their batsmen had no answer of Wahab Bowls.

Riaz also had an altercation at Lord's with Jonathan Trott prior to the last match of the ODIs which followed when he threw pads at the batsman and Trott grabbed him by the throat.

"He was a bit rude and when it comes to being rude you can never beat the Pakistanis," he said. "We are the most rude when it comes to it. We are nice but if somebody is rude we won't spare it.

"He was angry at not scoring runs and it was a frustration he tried to take out on me. But it's gone now, buddy, live in the present, past gone."