In recent, ICC Umpiring standards are not up to the mark and specially when more technology come in play.

Umpires are not much focused as they know that they have option of third umpire and DRS.

In Semifinal match between India and New Zealand as the pictures came out in internet that the ball on which Dhoni got out is no ball.

As per the rule there are only 5 players allowed on boundary but picture shows that there are 6 players on boundary.

Normally ICC take action if any player made mistake but ICC never take against its officials that's not fair.

Now what if it was umpires call that ball as no ball then Dhoni don't take run on it as next ball was free hit and result may be the different.

That ball is the decider of the India's exit from the world cup 2019.

So many Umpiring decision are worst in this world cup.

In second semifinal also umpire give Jason Roy out even ball is no where near to gloves and Roy requested and he got fined this is not good.

ICC has to take against Umpires that is not good.