International Cricket Council (ICC) wants to expand cricket in more countries and T20 formate is most likely to help them.

So ICC recently decide that they are planning to add 2 more teams in main event like Super 10 was in the recent World T20 2016.

Next world cup will may be held in 2018 or 2020 and for this world cup ICC wants to  Super 12 instead of Super 10 by doing this they are thinking that more Associate countries may participate.

Because of this few more nation also want to participate in the Associate countries group and because of this cricket may got more fans around the world.

Specially the countries where cricket in not famous while there are on top of so many other sports like USA, France, Holand and many more countries which are on top when we talk about football and Olympics and all.

So this decision may be help ICC to make Cricket more popular.

Recently West Indies cricket also try to do so and they are hosting few CPL T20 matches in USA for attracting USA fans. They are hosting 6 matches in Florida.

This decision may help recent Associates and the team like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe so there is risk also there because if they add just 2 team then new nation may not getting chance to come and play the world cup also.

So ICC also have to think on that points also that this may also reduce the other nations interest from cricket that they will not getting any chance to play in the main events.

Here are quotes that supports Super 12

"What I have heard described is that two teams will go through from each first group to create a Super 12," Tim Cutler, the Hong Kong Cricket Association chief executive, was quoted as saying by espncricinfo.

"That seems to be the agreed format at the moment. Hopefully that means with two more going through, potentially two more could come into the qualifiers to make 18 but the sound of it at the moment is it's going to be 16 into 12. It's a move in the right direction."

There has also been a change in associate representation on the ICC board with Cricket Ireland's Ross McCollum winning a vote to replace Bermuda's Neil Speight. The other two incumbents - Singapore's Imran Khawaja and Namibia's Francois Erasmus - maintain their places on the board