Manchester United's new boss Jose Mourinho fills that Pogba can be the World's best midfielder.

Recently they buy Pogba from Juventas to world record deal till now and Pogba available for Man Utd from this weekend onwards.

He thinks he will struggle to land top individual accolades without scoring a lot more goals.

Mourinho said : “First of all, when you speak about the best players in the world you go immediately to the ones that score a lot of goals,”

“You don’t give a gold ball to a goalkeeper. They gave a gold ball to (Fabio) Cannavaro once but because in that season he was captain of Italy, they were world champions, and there were not too many top players.

“(Paolo) Maldini never got a gold ball, (Javier) Zanetti never got a gold ball, top goalkeepers over history don’t get a gold ball. You look immediately to the ones that score a lot of goals.

“Can Paul score Ronaldo and Messi goals? Not even 25 per cent. I believe in a season he cannot score 20 goals. If to be the best player in the world means to score a lot of goals, that’s not the point.

“He is one of the best midfield players, maybe I could say the best midfield player in the world.”

“I know Sir Alex tried everything to give him a new contract”

“Some managers, when it’s their decision to buy players, the first thing they think is to protect themselves,” he claimed.

“To protect their choices, the player they buy, they have to play all the time. I’m not like this. Before me comes the team and what I think is best for the team.

“I keep saying Mkhitarayan is a super football player and will give us a lot during the season.”