Jose Mourinho today made so many big statements and he did as expected, he changed so much thing in Manchester United. He forced Man Utd Management to do highest signing amount this years transfer.

He also made statement for Man Utd fans that they forgot last 3 years and they will see new team this year.

He also has suggested that Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney will not play in midfield for him next season.

Rooney had been used in a deeper midfield role for United and he did for England also at Euro 2016 but, speaking at his first news conference as manager at Old Trafford.

"There are many jobs on the field. The most difficult to find is one to put the ball in the net," he said. "It is normal that a player at his age will change a little bit.

"One thing that will never change is his natural appetite to put the ball in the net. Maybe he is not a striker, not a No. 9 anymore. But with me he will never be a No. 6, playing 50m from goal.

"Yes, his passing is amazing but mine is also amazing without pressure. Many players have a great pass, but to put the ball in the net is the most difficult. He will be a No. 9, a No. 10, a No. 9.5, but never a No. 6 or a No. 8."

"I don't know, yet. The third player [Mkhitaryan] will be official soon -- I can try to make you understand the profile. We made a nucleus of four priorities, four positions, to give a certain balance to the squad," he added.

"To give a certain push in terms of the qualities I need and want. As you know, the ones with more vision. I am more a manager that likes specialists rather than multi-functional players because I am clear in my approach. Multi-functional players -- you need one or two if you have three central defenders injured. But, basically, I want specialists."

Another signing for Man Utd will be France's Paul Pogba, recently he played for Juventus as midfielder as per the Transfer Rumors.

"We decided four targets. We have three at the moment. Until we don't have the fourth, we are still working hard," Mourinho added. "Myself, the structure, Mr Woodward, the owners. When we have the fourth we will breathe. The market will be open. We will get the fourth before 31 August, and we will be stable but the market will be open."