UEFA EURO 2016 Prize Money : Winner got $8 million (53.33 crore)


UEFA expect to generate somewhere around €450 million to €500 million in revenue for the 2016 competition while four ago Poland and Ukraine hosted the Euro 2012 which generated roughly €300 million. The increase in revenue means that the prize money awarded to teams will increase as well. In the last 15 years total prize money pool of the competitions has been increasing every four years and below table shows the rise in prize money from 2000 to 2016.

UEFA Euro Prize Money


UEFA Euro 2016 Prize Money Distribution (total pool €301m)
Participation Fee  €8 million For each and every 24 teams
Drawing a Grounp Match €500,000 For drawing a match in group stage
Winning a Group Match  €1 million Every time a team wins a group match
Round of 16 €1.5 million Awarded to each and every 16 teams
Quarter Finals  €2.5 million Awarded to all eight teams in quarterfinalists
Semifinals  €4 million Awarded to all four teams in semifinals
Runnerups €5 million Awarded To Team losing in the final
Champions  €8 million Awarded to Final Winners
Winner’s Potential Earning €27 million Potential earning for euro 2016 winners can reach €27m

Each of the 24 teams will get €8m participation fee. There are bonuses in group stage with €1 million for every win and €500,000 for every draw. Every Team qualifying for round of 16 will get additional €1.5 million. All 8 quarter finalists will get another €2.5 million. Four semifinalists will pocket another €4 million each. Runners-up will get another €5 million and winners will get €8 million added to what they have already earned till semifinals.

So potential earnings of Euro 2016 winners can reach as much as €27 million, for runners-up €24 million and losing semifinalists can pocket as much as €19 million depending on how they perform in group stages.