Real Madrid was No.1 club in the world as per the latest UEFA 2016 rankings.

Here is the list of the Real Madrid Players of 2016/2017 with their wifes and Girl Friends.

1. Keylor Navas - wife Andrea Salas

Name: Andrea Salas Bermudez.
Date of birth: 22nd June 1984, Costa Rica.
Nationality: Costa Rican.
Job/Education: Andrea was a model, but she ended her career stating that this is not what she wants to do in life. Even she was Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 2006. When she lived in Valencia began to study Interior Design, but has not yet graduated. She has been image consultant of Keylor. In the summer of 2016 she has opened a Electry Body Center in Costa Rica.
Relationship: They met in the religious congregation when Keylor played in Deportivo Saprissa. Andrea went through a difficult period in her life, she wasn’t happy with being a model, so with the help of the Holy Scriptures would find peace in her life. On the other hand, Keylor want to thank God after overcoming a knee injury. He found way to the heart of Andrea through Daniela, which he treats as his own daughter. Andrea ended her modeling career and together with Keylor and her daughter went to Spain.
Andrea about Keylor : “I thank God that put him on my way. I’m very proud of his hard work and effort. He’s an example of patience and struggle. He’s my best friend, my husband, the person with whom I can cry and laugh. I love him so much.”
Keylor about Andrea : “Thank God I have a wonderful wife. She supports me enough, she is the basis of my good work. She is always with me, at any time”
Wedding: They were married on 25 December 2009 in Costa Rica. The second, church wedding, they were on 20th June 2015 in Santana, Costa Rica.
Kids: Daniela (from a previous relationship) and Mateo.
WAGs friends: Andrea is a very friendly person so she is friends or have good contact with with many Real Madrid WAGs : Clarice Alves, Daniela Ospina, Ana Sofia Moreira, Izabel Andrijanic, Vanja Bosnic, Macarena Rodriguez, Nuria Trens, Pilar Rubio or ex-Real Madrid WAG Lucia Villalon.
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2. Daniel Carvajal - Single

3. Pepe - girlfriend Ana Sofia Moreira

Name: Ana Sofia Moreira.
Date of birth: 8th September 1987, Portugal.
Nationality: Portuguese.
Job/Education: Sofia studied medicine in Porto, Portugal. She supports the project For now, she is a full time mommy of her Baby Girls.
Relationship: Sofia and Pepe met in Portugal, where he played for FC Porto. When she finished her medical studies, she moved to Madrid to live with him. On her left wrist is a tattoo with the name of Pepe.
Pepe about Sofia : “One day, around the time when I started going out with Sofía, I was on vacation and I had to go to Brazil. I was there for a couple of days, and then I returned to Portugal. Then I went back to Brazil again, then back to Portugal. And when I went to Brazil for the third time, that was when I told her, you have to come with me, because I can’t be without you now. She was studying for the university entrance exam, and when she finished with it, we took a flight and went to Brazil.”
Wedding: Pepe and Sofia are not married, I have no information about their engagement.
Kids: Angeli Sofia and Emily Maria.
WAGs friends: She’s friends with Andreia Santos, Daniela Ospina and Andrea Salas.
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4. Sergio Ramos - girlfriend Pilar Rubio

Name: Pilar Rubio Fernandez.
Date of birth: 17th March 1978 in Madrid, Spain.
Nationality: Spanish.
Job/Education: Pilar began to study Economics, although she didn’t finish the degree. She is a Spanish reporter and TV presenter (she was one of the presenters or reporters on several TV programs). She became famous for covering events for the program Sé lo que hicisteis for the television network La Sexta - where she first time met Sergio. At the moment she is one of the hosts of the program El Hormiguero and has a blog : About My World. Being pregnant she was offered to write books for mothers. At the beginning she was skeptical about this idea, but with the help of Caroline Correia, her physical therapist, in 2016 presented the book:“Pregnant, Now What?”
Relationship: For the first time, Sergio and Pilar met when she was a reporter of Sé lo que hicisteis and she asked him a few questions. A few years later they met again, during the celebration of the victory of Spain in the European Championship in 2012. Probably, Sergio drew attention to the Pilar and gave her his phone number. They sent each other text messages for several weeks before they decided on the first date. At the beginning, their relationship was quiet. They don’t confirm anything, despite their common photos in newspapers. They have officially confirmed their relationship at the Gala of Ballon d'Oro on 2013. The exact date of the start of their relationship is 21st of August 2012.
Pilar about Sergio : “I can’t be happier. If not, we wouldn’t be together, right? Sergio compliments me a lot, is a support and a special person in my life. Having a special person, who is mature, understanding and everything you can expect next is very important.”
Wedding: For now, they’re not planning a wedding : “Do you think that a relationship is more formal when you marry? I don’t know. There are many ways to express your love for someone and I think the most beautiful thing is to be together, be with each other every day. It’s one thing with which I never dreamed in my life, I’ve never thought when I grow up I want to marry. - Pilar.”
Kids: Sergio Ramos Rubio and Marco Ramos Rubio.
WAGs friends: Pilar started to integrate with Real Madrid WAGs and with some of them have a good contact, for example with Andrea Salas, Daniela Ospina, Vanja Bosnic, Clarice Alves … but the most with Macarena Rodriguez.
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5. Raphael Varane - wife Camille Tytgat

Name: Camille Tytgat.
Date of birth: 1993 in France.
Nationality: French.
Job/Education: Camille is or was a student of Law. We know nothing about her job.
Relationship: Probably Raphael and Camille met at school as teenagers. We know that Rapha as a very young boy decided to play for Real Madrid and start a new life in Spain. Camille joined him and since then live together in Madrid.
Wedding: They were married on 20th June 2015 in Le Touquet, France.
Kids: No.
WAGs friends: Camille is not really close to any Real Madrid WAGs. But she has good contact with many French WAGs.
Voice: No.

6. José Ignacio Fernandez - wife Maria Cortes

Name: Maria Cortes Millan.
Date of birth: 13th February 1989 in Cadiz, Spain.
Nationality: Spanish.
Job/Education: She studied at a university in Madrid Marketing, Administration and Company Management. Also she works for Academia NAF - academia of Nacho and his brother Alex.
Relationship: They met during school years, in 2004. The interesting thing is that the best friend of Maria is the cousin of Nacho, so it’s possible that they met each other through her. After ten years relationship, they decided to get married.
Nacho about Maria: “Maria and our children are very important to me”.
Wedding: They were married on 31st May 2014 in Meco, Spain.
Kids: Alejandra Fernandez and Nacho Fernandez Cortes.
WAGs friends: She’s friends with ex-Real Madrid WAGs : Maria Pombo, Victoria Calderon and Marta Pelegrin. Now he has a good relation with Alice Campello.
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7. Cristiano Ronaldo - Single

8. Toni Kroos - wife Jessica Kroos

Name: Jessica Kroos
Date of birth: 5 June 1988 in Speyer, Germany.
Nationality: German
Job/Education: Jessica studied Tourism, Some sources say that she have worked in this industry, but she is now a full time mommy of her two children.
Relationship: Relationship of Toni and Jessica is very quiet. They both really care about their privacy. Only we know that they are together since 2008, but we don’t know any details.
Toni about Jessica : “I’ve already found my dream girl. My girlfriend Jessica and I have been together since 2008. She is the largest support outside of football and an important support for me.”
Wedding: They were married in 13rd June 2015 in the near of Heidelberg, Germany.
Kids: Leon and Amelie Kroos.
WAGs friends: Jessica had good contact with ex- Real Madrid and German WAG Lena Gercke. Family Kroos and Bale seem to be close, so it’s possible that she has a good contact with Emma Rhys Jones. But this is not confirmed.
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9. Karim Benzema - girlfriend Cora Gauthier

Name: Cora Gauthier.
Date of birth: 11th April 1989 in France.
Nationality: French.
Job/Education: Cora is a model. I don’t know anything about her education.
Relationship: Karim and Cora met in Dubai in December 2015. Probably maintained contact with each other and after a while began their quiet relationship. Thanks to paparazzi we know that they spent holiday together. Cora supported Karim during the Champions League final in Milan.
Wedding: No.
Kids: No.
WAGs friends: Cora has no contact with any of Real Madrid WAG.
Voice: No.

10. James Rodriguez - wife Daniela Ospina

Name: Daniela Ospina Ramirez.
Date of birth: 22nd September 1992.
Nationality: Colombian
Job/Education: Daniela studied Administration and Management. She’s volleyball player who playing forVoley Playa Madrid team. She’s also the founder and director of Beauty Centre Santum in Madrid. Daniela also took part in the Colombian edition of Dancing with the Stars.
Relationship: James and Daniela met in 2008, thanks to their friends. After less than a year of friendship, they were a couple. Daniela is the sister of David Ospina, the Colombian goalkeeper, but she admitted that her brother never told her about James.
James about Daniela : “Marriage is a difficult decision, but I had no doubt, that Daniela is a woman who can give me stability and peace in my professional life”.
Wedding: Daniela and James were married on 24 December 2010 in Colombia.
Kids: Salome Rodriguez Ospina.
WAGs friends: She’s friends with Andrea Salas and Ana Sofia Moreira but also have a good contact with Pilar Rubio and Vanja Bosnic.
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11. Gareth Bale - fiancée Emma Rhys Jones

Name: Emma Rhys-Jones
Date of birth: 29th July 1991, Wales.
Nationality: Welsh
Job/Education: We don’t know anything about education of Emma. Many of her friends published photos of their new hairstyles that she made them, so it’s possible that she is a hairdresser or it’s just her hobby.
Relationship: In an interview, Gareth said that he met Emma at the age of 17/18 years, so she was 15/16 years old. Emma also comes from Cardiff. They together moved to London, and now living in Madrid. Also most of his goals dedicates for her, showing heart : “I hadn’t been playing for a while and I was with my girlfriend and she asked what I would do if I scored. I told her I would make the ‘heart’ sign but I wasn’t sure when it would happen. When I eventually scored I did it and my girlfriend thought it was great.” Gareth proposed to her on July 16, 2016, the day of his birthday. Marriage proposal took place on the Tagomago Island, which Bale specially hired, among close friends and family.
Wedding: No, but they are engaged.
Kids: Alba Violet and Nava Valentina.
WAGs friends: Emma doesn’t have close contact with Real Madrid WAGs, but certainly she know them. Family Bale and Kroos seem to be close, so it’s possible that she has a good contact with Jessica. But this is not confirmed.
Voice: No.

12. Marcelo - wife Clarice Alves

Name: Clarice Alves.
Date of birth: 7th December 1988, Brazil.
Nationality: Brazilian.
Job/Education: Clarice always wanted to be an actress. She first came into contact with the art of acting when she was 12 at “Casa e Companhia de Artes Avancini”, where she trained until she was 17. There, she participated in 4 plays. One of the plays was shown in three different theaters and she interpreted three different characters. During this same period of time, she graduated from “Studio Escola de Atores”, directed by Sonaira D'Avilla. Without a shadow of a doubt Clarice decided to become an actress after having finalized her studies with Antonio Amancio and obtaining her diploma from Artcenicas School. In the last two years, she has played roles in 4 short films and 2 movies. She is currently getting ready to play her second “main character” in a movie that will be filmed in Brazil and Europe. Clarice has successfully completed 14 acting courses with different specialists, from different schools of thought in 4 different countries. She is also a certified Personal Image Counselor and has received over 2.500 training hours in Drama. Clarice can act in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian. At the moment she is full time mommy.
Relationship: Clarice and Marcelo met when they were 15 years old, through her brother Caio, best friend of Marcelo. They together went to Spain, where Marcelo signed a contract with Real Madrid.
Marcelo about Clarice : “Clarice is not only my wife, but she’s also my friend, she’s always helping me and she’s always there for me. She’s the mother of my son and I owe her a lot”.
Wedding: They were married on 27th December 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Kids: Enzo and Liam Vieira.
WAGs friends: Clarice is a very friendly person so she is friends or have good contact with with many Real Madrid WAGs for example with : Andrea Salas, Vanja Bosnic, Izabel Andrijanic or ex-Real Madrid WAGs Jorgelina Cardoso and Iria Otero.
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13. Kiko Casilla - wife Rosa Isern

Name: Rosa Isern.
Date of birth: 1985, Spain.
Nationality: Spanish/Catalan
Job/Education: No information.
Relationship: Kiko and Rosa are the quiet family, both really care about their privacy. They met in childhood, because they live in neighboring villages. They are together since 1999.
Kiko about Rosa: “Rosa comes from a neighboring village. I’m with her seventeen years, my whole life! She saw me in many difficult moments. She helped me a lot!”
Wedding: They are married, but I don’t know when.
Kids: Ainara and Julen Casilla.
WAGs friends: Rosa has no contact with any of Real Madrid WAG.
Voice: No.

14. Casemiro - wife Anna Mariana Casemiro

Name: Anna Mariana Casemiro.
Date of birth: 12 July 1990, Brazil.
Nationality: Brazilian.
Job/Education: Anna is a professional make-up artist. She also studied Business Administration. At the moment she is full time mommy of her Baby Girl Sara.
Relationship: Casemiro and Anna Mariana met in São Jose through their friends. After a month relationship, she went with him to Spain. After three years of relationship, Casemiro asked father of Anna for her hand.
Casemiro about Anna Mariana : “She’s a woman of my life, I want to have a lot of kids with her.”
Wedding: Casemiro and Anna were married on 28th June 2014 in Itatiba, Brazil.
Kids: Sara Casemiro.
WAGs friends: Anna prefers the company of Brazilian WAGs, so when she lived in Spain she had good contact with Ana Caroline Nazario, girlfriend of Willian José (Real Madrid Castilla). In Porto she became friends with Clarice Sales.
Voice: No.

15. Fabio Coentrao - wife Andreia Santos

Name: Andreia Santos.
Date of birth: 17th April 1984, Portugal.
Nationality: Portuguese.
Job/Education: Andreia studied Speech Therapy. At the moment she is full time mommy.
Relationship: Fabio and Andreia met in 2009, at the bar, a native of Vila do Conde, during anniversary of someone’s wedding. Fabio said, that he fell in love with her at first sight. His friends noticed that he changed for the better since he began dating with Andreia.
Fábio about Andreia : “We’ve been together a year and she lives with me in Lisbon. She is beautiful and is an excellent person, which gives me stability and it is not easy to find a woman like her.”
Wedding: Fabio and Andreia had two weddings. First, civil wedding, took place on 10th May 2010 Vila do Conde, Portugal. Second, church wedding, took place on 22th December 2010 Vila do Conde, Portugal. It was also the day of baptism of Vitoria.
Kids: Vitoria and Henrique Coentrao.
WAGs friends: She is friends with Ana Sofia Moreira.
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16. Mateo Kovacic - girlfriend Izabel Andrijanic

Name: Izabel Andrijanic.
Date of birth: 17th December 1992.
Nationality: Croatian.
Job/Education: She studying at University of Economics in Zagreb. Together with her sister created an online store Lunilou with organic and eco friendly baby products.
Relationship: Mateo and Izabel met in the church of St. Anthony of Padua in Sesvetska Sela, Croatia. She was one of the girls singing in the choir, and he was an altar boy. According to Croatian media, the young couple is engaged and soon will be their wedding. They are together since 2010.
Wedding: Probably they are engaged.
Kids: No
WAGs friends: Izabel with some of Real Madrid WAGs have a good contact, for example with Macarena Rodriguez, Andrea Salas, Clarice Alves, Nuria Trens … but the most with Vanja Bosnic.
Voice: No.

17. Lucas Vazquez - girlfriend Macarena Rodriguez

Name: Macarena Maca Rodriguez.
Date of birth: 5th June 1989, Spain.
Nationality: Spanish.
Job/Education: She studied Physical Education, study ended in 2013. She was also a tennis player, but now it’s just her hobby.
Relationship: Lucas and Maca are together in relationship since 3rd of February 2012. I suspect that they met through her sister Montse and Andres Prieto, who were then at the beginning of a relationship.
Wedding: No.
Kids: No.
WAGs friends: When Lucas played for Real Madrid Castilla, Maca met several WAGs who are now her friends. She is a very friendly person so she is friends or have good contact with with many Real Madrid WAGs for example with Nuria Trens, Pilar Rubio, Izabel Andrijanic, Andrea Salas or Alice Campello.
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18. Mariano Diaz Mejia - girlfriend Yaiza Moreno Anthon

Name: Yaiza Moreno Anthon.
Date of birth: 5th November in Honduras.
Nationality: Honduran.
Job/Education: Yaiza is a model.
Relationship: Mariano and Yaiza are in relationship since 31st of October 2015.
Wedding: No.
Kids: No.
WAGs friends: Yaiza has no contact with any of Real Madrid WAG.
Voice: No.

19. Luka Modric - wife Vanja Bosnic

Name: Vanja Bosnic.
Date of birth: 18th July 1982, Croatia.
Nationality: Croatian.
Job/Education: Vanja studied Marketing and Management. She probably works but I don’t know the details of her job. She took an active part in the transfer of Luka to Tottenham and Real Madrid.
Relationship: They met in 2004, in the cafeteria, when she worked in Luka’s agent office Mamic Sports Agency owned by Mario Maric. Luka  asked Vanja for her phone number. Their first phone conversation lasted three hours!
Vanja about Luka : “Luka is unique. I like his simplicity, humility, trust, and the fact that he’s rarely upset. I loved him because he always has big ambitions and goals, he’s sure of himself and he’s not jealous when he’s sure that someone loves him. Mostly he’s calm and quiet, I’m a talker!”
Wedding: Luka and Vanja had two weddings. First, civil wedding, took place on 12th May 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia. It was a secret wedding in the courtyard of the restaurant Okrugljak. Second, church wedding, took place a year later, on 11th June 2011 also in Zagreb, Croatia.
Kids: Ivan and Ema Modric.
WAGs friends: Vanja is a very private person but she’s a very friendly so she is friends or have good contact with with many Real Madrid WAGs, for example with Clarice Alves, Izabel Andrijanic, Andrea Salas, Pilar Rubio, Daniela Ospina, Ana Sofia Moreira … also with ex- Real Madrid WAGs : Iria Otero and Jorgelina Cardoso.
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20. Marco Asensio - girlfriend Marina

Name: Marina Muntaner.
Date of birth: 14th February 1993 probably in Palma, Spain.
Nationality: Spanish.
Job/Education: Marina is a model. She was Dama de Baleares 2013.
Relationship: We have no details about their relationship, but probably they are together since 2016.
Wedding: No.
Kids: No.
WAGs friends: Marina has no contact with any of Real Madrid WAG.
Voice: No.

21. Alvaro Morata - girlfriend Alice Campello

Name: Alice Campello.
Date of birth: 5th March 1995 in Venedig, Italy.
Nationality: Italian.
Job/Education: Alice is a model and designer. She has her own brand of handbags AVRIL.
Relationship: Alvaro noticed Alice’s profile on Instagram and decided to send her a private message. She didn’t know who he is, so she asked her father about him. He told her and added : “Don’t trust the football players”. So she ignored at the beginning message from Morata, but after some time impulsively wrote back to him. A week later they met in Milan and a few days later they began their relationship.
Alice about Alvaro and their relationship : “Between us we already talk about future, marriage and having children. He is everything, for me. My life is in his hands, his life in mine. This is love.”
Wedding: No.
Kids: No.
WAGs friends: Alice has a good contact with Maria Cortes and Macarena Rodriguez.
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22. Isco - Single.

23. Danilo - fiancée Clarice Sales

Name: Clarice Sales.
Date of birth: 1993 in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.
Nationality: Brazilian.
Job/Education: She studied banking.
Relationship: Danilo and Clarice met in an unusual way because … at the cemetery. They became friends, and over time they felt for each other something more, but none of them had the courage to talk about it. Their first kiss was in 2010, during the carnival, but Danilo had to leave to Santos. They talked often on the internet, until Danilo dared to ask Clarice about whether she wants date with him. Of course she said yes and from that time they are a happy couple.
Clarice about Danilo : “Danilo is a wonderful person! I’ve never met anyone with such kindness, he always thinks of others and he’s very helpful. He left Brazil, grown up, but didn’t forget about friends and parents to whom he has great respect.”
Wedding: No, but they are engaged.
Kids: Miguel da Silva.
WAGs friends: Clarice while living in Porto was friends with several WAGs, including with Anna, wife of Casemiro.
Voice: No.

24 - 30. Free Numbers

31. Ruben Yanez - girlfriend Nuria Trens

Name: Nuria Trens.
Date of birth: 8th July 1993, Vilafranca del Penèdes, Spain
Nationality: Spanish/Catalan
Job/Education: She’s studying Advertising and Public Relations in San Pablo University in Madrid.
Relationship: Ruben and Nuria met probably in Madrid, when he playing for Real Madrid Castilla and she started her studies in the capital. Officially they have been together since 26th January 2014.
Wedding: No.
Kids: No.
WAGs friends: She is friends or have good contact with with many Real Madrid WAGs for example with Macarena Rodriguez, Andrea Salas or Izabel Andrijanic.
Voice: No.

Coach Zinedine Zidane - wife Véronique Fernández

Name: Véronique Fernández Lentisco.
Date of birth: 20th March 1970 in France.
Nationality: French/Spaniard
Job/Education: Veronique began to study Biology, although she didn’t finish the degree. She studied ballet and contemporary dance in Paris. Having been married to one of the best players of all-time means that Véronique didn’t work much, but had aspirations of being a dancer. She wanted to teach dance when she met him.
Relationship: Zinedine and Veronique met when Zizou played in AS Cannes. The pair crossed paths dozens of times before they would speak to each other. They lived in a very strict building, with girls rooms on one side of the hallway and boys on the other. After passing for months, one day she let out a small “hello” as they passed. He did it again the next day, and soon they would talk regularly. Few weeks later, he moved into a small studio and she joined him.
Wedding: They were married on 28 May 1994 in France.
Kids: Enzo, Luca, Theo and Elyaz.
WAGs friends: When Zizou was Real Madrid player, Veronique was close with Helen Svedin, wife of Luis Figo.

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