Prize Money of UEFA Champions League 2016-17


For 2016/17 season UEFA Champions League Generated around €2.35 bn revenue through Advertisement.

So, 12% of this revenue amounted to €282 m is allocated to the Administration department.

Whereas 8.5% of the amount which is €199.7m allocated for the Uniformity Payments.

€507 m will be allocated to every participating clubs since the Group stages.

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2016/17

STAGE Total Fixed Amount: €724.4 million
Playoff Bonus €50 million distributed to 20 teams who participated in playoffs. €2m each for playoff winners and €3 million each for eliminated teams.
Participation Bonus €12 million (Guaranteed) for each 32 teams who play in the group stages
Performance Bonus  €1.5 million for every win & €500,000 for every draw in group stages
Round of 16  €5.5 million each for 16 teams
Quarter Finals  €6 million each for 8 teams
Semifinals  €7 million each for 4 teams
Runner Ups €10.5 million
Final  €15 million
Potential Total Winner of 2015-16 champions league can earn between €50m to €54.5m from “Fixed Amount” pot. Plus Market pool money which can easily elevate total earnings of winners from England, Spain, Germany or Italy around €100 million (prize money + market pool