Eva Marie got use of his 30 days suspension time and it turn out to be great for her that got the role in the Nicolas Cage movie.

Eva Marie has landed a role in Jonathan Baker’s “Inconceivable,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Nicolas Cage, Faye Dunaway, and Nicky Whelan will be the main characters in the movie.

Baker told EW.com that the film will  “change the way all mothers look at their nannies.”

Here is the synopsis for the movie, which is scheduled to start filming in October:

When Katie (Whelan) moves to town with her young daughter — starting a new life after enduring abuse in her past — she quickly befriends another mother, Angela, and her husband Brian (Cage).

Angela notices odd behavior from Katie and begins to question whether Katie’s intentions are as innocent as she makes them out to be, or if something dark is lurking beneath the surface.

Marie is currently suspended by WWE after she failed their Wellness Policy last month. Her suspension ends on 9/18.