Gerardo "Tata" Martino has quit as Argentina head coach following the fall-out from their recent Copa America Centenario defeat to Chile.

Recently Argentina Captain Lionel Messi quits from Argentina after that loss and everyone asked him to take back his decision and get back to team.

But today Argentina's coach also quits from Argentina and team are now in shocked after this retirements and before a Olympics and Argentina management has no t

Former Barcelona coach said he and his coaching staff had decided to step down due to management disputes in the association and difficulties in getting a squad together in time for the Rio Games.

Martino's decision was "due to the lack of clarity in the naming of new leaders for the association and the serious inconveniences in forming a squad to represent the country in the coming Olympic Games," said a statement issued by the Argentina Football Association (AFA).

53-year-old oversaw 29 wins, seven draws and three defeats since taking charge of the team following their defeat to Germany in the 2014 World Cup.

President of the Argentine Olympic Committee, Gerardo Werthein, told a radio station shortly before Tuesday's announcement that there was a "50-percent chance" Argentina would miss the Olympic football competition.

"If Leo goes, I believe Sergio will go also. They'll leave room for new players," Leonel del Castillo said. "I haven't spoken much with him, but he is upset, as all the other players are.

"We gave up a lot of advantage to Chile. They hear the criticism, and it hurts. The players had come from Europe, and they don't get paid anything for playing with the national team. As Messi said, it is a disaster."