Argentina in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers:

With Lionel Messi: 3 games, 3 wins

Without Lionel Messi: 7 games, 1 win

Argentina lost 2 home games in this qualifying rounds and this is look like worst for them to play with out Messi.

This proved that how much Argentina relay on the Lionel Messi and what if he retired from the national team ?

Argentina lost their last night match against the Paraguay and right now Argentina is at the 5th spot in the south American qualifying point table.

If they are at the 5th place till the end of the round then they have to play Intercontinental play-off round also in which two team played against each other one home game and one away game.

First round of the South American Qualifier will long till Oct-2017 and that is good news for the Argentina that messi will fit in that much time and they secure their place in top-4 in the table.