This year Premier league witnessed world record deal of Paul Pogba by Manchester United with the Juventas.

This year Manchester United spent most money as they first hire new boss Jose Muonron and then Mour made 4 transfers this year and one of them is world record.

Manchester City also made 5 transfers this year and they also spent some big amounts, City was top on the spending list.

The Gunner and the Chelsea didn't made the transfers which they wanted to do and because of this their managers was not happy with the clubs agents and management.

Now the Transfer Window closed for this season so lets see how much spent by each club this year to make their team more stronger.

Here are the List of Clubs with the amount they spent

  •  Hull: £17m

  •  Stoke City: £19.7m

  •  Middlesbrough: £21.25m

  •  Burnley: £22m

  •  West Brom: £22.5m

  •  Sunderland: £27.6m

  •  Swansea City: £32m

  •  Bournemouth: £33.4

  •  Southampton: £44m

  •  Everton: £45m

  •  Watford : £50m

  •  Crystal Palace: £51,5m

  •  West Ham United: £53m

  •  Leicester City: £67.5m

  •  Liverpool: £69.7m

  •  Tottenham: £70.1

  •  Arsenal: £96m

  •  Chelsea: £112.25m

  •  Man United: £149m

  •  Man City: £174m