BCCI got the huge amount from the TV Rights of the IPL and their old contract with Sony Network for 10 years ended this in 2017 so IPL 2017 will the last year of the old Contract of IPL Broadcast rights with Sony.

IPL helps Sony TV to make their space in the Sporting market as they broadcast live matches on Sony Max, Sony Six and now on Sony Espn also.

For new TV Rights Sony Network and Star Network will may have the bidding war cause Star has already the rights of the Indian national teams broadcast rights.

So they try their best to get the IPL rights cause when IPL was going on no one is watching the Star Channel and thats why they try their best.

Another sports channel was Ten Sports and they are having few big league broadcast rights so they also can be part in the bidding as Zee Network can increase the popularity on the TV and Cricket as Sony did before 10 years.

While on other side Sony Network also tried to win the Broadcast Contract as their few sports channel became famous because of the IPL.

IPL is like the festival in India in this 2 months people are just forgot their works and they are going to watch out matches and those who are unable they enjoy live action in TV.

IPL Brand value is continuously Increasing year by year and the game or the matches played in IPL that matches standard also goes high as player are playing the international matches for their National side.

Despite of the Suspension of the 2 teams because of spot-fixing scandal the love towards the IPL was not going down this year cause 2 new team also looks good.

In starting of the season it was not good response on the TV viewers but it was reach to max at the end of the IPL.

So many people tried to stop the IPL matches during this season and wants to be in news for some days but fans don't mind whether their favorite stars played in front of them or any other stadium they just love their teams thats the IPL.