Now a days when ever India loss the match the critics and fans directly point out the Dhoni whether he made a runs or not.

Every one just want to know that when he is retire from the international cricket but he continued to play for India even after this much criticism.

We have to support MAHI cause after his retirement India didn't find a wicket keeper like him and finisher like him.

He is the best and the one who still hate him please just view this video and they can find that what cricketing world thinks about him.

In cricket form is not permanent but he proved that thing also wrong he stood up at crease when all other big names got out.

Recently, he was not able to score big runs but that doesn't means that he is not scoring the runs.

He scored a crucial 43 in recently against West Indies but because of loss that match his inning was not focused.

He always took the responsibility when India lost the match what ever wrong things done by any one and when team win he always give credit to who helps team to cross the line.

He gave almost 12 years to Indian cricket and still people hate him this was like Cristiano Ronaldo.

He is the best footballer in the world but there are few fans still critics him that was always hurt to sports person.