Chhattisgarh Cricket Association Chief BS Bhatia thanks, BCCI. Chhattisgarh was not given the membership after parted way from Madhya Pradesh as a separate state in 2000 and has a world-class stadium in Raipur. The stadium has hosted several IPL matches. BCCI has given the full membership to Chhattisgarh to play in domestic cricket.

After Chhattisgarh inclusion now BCCI has 31 members including Railway, All India Universities, Cricket Club of India and National Cricket Club. And Chattishgarh is the 22st Indian state which plays as a member of BCCI. The last team to be added was Tripura.

Maharashtra and Gujarat are the states who have more than one team. Maharashtra has Maharastra and Mumbai while Gujarat has Saurashtra and Baroda.

Manipur and Sikkim are the two other Associate members of the BCCI who are pushing for their own Ranji teams