India beat Pakistan and became No.1 team in the test cricket with out playing a match against them.

After beating New Zealand in Kolkata India became No.1 and every former cricketers belive that now India can retain this No.1 spot for long time.

India became No.1 after long time. 

Before this MS Dhoni hold the No.1 spot for India for 18 months long so now lets see how long Virat Kohli can holds this record for India.

Indian team fast bowlers also start tacking wickets in the Indian wickets and thats good sign for the Indian team and Indian team fans.

Indian spin duo is the dangerous for any team who visited India cause there is no answer of the this two duo's spin web from any batsmen of the world.

Twitterati had fun at the expense of Pakistan after India became the No. 1 ranked Test team in the world.

The First Revenge is taken by our Test Team, they just strip off Pakistan as the ' Number 1 ' Test Team.

After India wins this test match, Pakistan will remain world number 1 only in terrorism.

India beat New Zealand by 178 runs and regains No.1 spot.

Mind you Pakistan is still No.1 in 'Jumping the fence' !!

India beat New Zealand by 178 runs on the 4th day itself.
Because and team were eager to go and watch