KL Rahul now joined the record list who scored the centuries in all 3 formates of cricket and he became 11th player to do so in the world.

He became more fluent and more aggressive under the great crickets like Virat Kohli and Gayle and became calm under the MS Dhoni and ABD.

KL Rahul was in great touch in this year's IPL and won few matches for his side single handadly and because of his performance he was picked for the Zimbabwe tour.

At his tour he played under the MS Dhoni and he proved that what he did in IPL is not the magic he mad e2 back to back centuries at this tour.

Rahul's debue was not good in international cricket same as like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli but both are turn out to be great and dangerous players in world cricket right now.

Former Australian Captain, Clerk also said that Rahul can be next rising star for the Indian team and that really good for the Indian team.

IPL helped so many cricketers to improve him self and learn from another big superstars from other nations and that will help them when they play the international matches.

Players like Ashwin, Jadeja, Bumrah even Kohli improved them self from IPL by IPL and became the star and reach to the top at the international levels.

Now Rahul also turn out to be the next star like this and if he practice the Wicket keeping also then India may have some what the replacement of the MS Dhoni when he will retired in next 2-3 years.