Mitchell Starc is back in test cricket after almost 8 MONTHS. Starc is ready to roar back in test in Sri Lanka. He was out from test cricket due to sidelined injuries in November 2015.

Because of this injuries Starc miss World T20 2016 and IPL 2016 this year. He back after injury in recently played Tri series in West Indies and Australia won the title also.

Allen Donald also confident that Starc will be complete 300 wickets in this tour, Donald was recently joined Australian team as a bowling coach.

Before the Injury Starc was in great form and if he was not missed the World T20 then it will be interesting to see that how batsmen answers his swinging yorkers.

"Having that (floating) bone taken out the back has done wonders for it,” he said. "That movement has been fantastic, ever since I started bowling again after surgery. There has definitely been no pain there through the West Indies and through the start of this tour. It's a fantastic result and I'm looking forward to hopefully playing a much longer period of cricket now.”

“He (Donald) has toured here maybe five or six times, more than any of the other bowlers (in the Australia squad)," Starc said. "So it's great to get his thoughts on reverse swing, swinging the new ball, and maybe some of the ways the Sri Lankan players have played in the past.

"We've been working with Craig (McDermott) for a number of years now and to bring in AD (Donald) with a different set of eyes and a different set of theories it's always nice to freshen things up and see what he's got to offer on that topic as well,” he added.

"We all reverse the ball pretty well, it's just about doing it more often and getting it in those right areas here in Sri Lanka where it's going to be needed a lot more. Not having played Test cricket here before, and comparing it to somewhere like India where you really need to strike as often and as quickly as you can with that new ball to make inroads into the middle order. It's pretty similar over here. The ball might last a little bit longer, maybe if the pitch is not being as harsh on the ball and it's swinging for a few more overs than in India,” Starc said.

"So as a bowling unit we want to take two or three wickets with that brand new ball and really get inroads into that middle order and expose them to our pace and our spinners. That's going to be a big key, and we've spoken a lot about that," he added.