MS Dhoni named as the brand ambassador of the Craig McDermott International Cricket Academy .

Craig McDermott International Cricket Academy is a private and educational sports academy. The academy offers four-year BA degree in sports and science with more importance on cricket.

Dhoni said : “It is the perfect platform for me to give something back to the game,”

“More importantly, the academy will help sports-minded kids strike the right balance between education and sport. So far, intelligent youngsters who were also good in sport had to choose and settle only for one,” he added.

MS Dhoni is role models for youngsters, from him we can learn that always have to keep calm and take decision with calm not in aggressions.

MS Dhoni was one of the great leader in the cricket, so students can also learn the leadership style from him.

MS Dhoni led India to win ICC World T20 2007, ICC World Cup 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy 2013.

Also India be the No.1 in test when he was captain of the Indian team in test and remain the No.1 for 18 months.

Also India to semi-finals of ICC World Cup 2015 and to the semi-finals of ICC World T20 2016.