Steve Smith surprisingly withdraw from the Sri Lankan tour and David Warner appointed as new captain for the team and everyone wants to know the reason.

So today Smith clears why he withdraw from the tour. He said that he wanted to take rest of the few days cause as he continuously playing cricket.

He also got injured during the IPL also and as he ruled out from the IPL and then he going to tour of the West Indies then they played against Sri Lankans.

Steve Smith said : “For me, it was just about getting the messaging across and I think we could have got the messaging across a fair bit better. We knew a fair way out that I was going to leave after the second one-day game. The fact we only brought it out the day before probably shocked a few people.”

He added, “So in the future, if this sort of thing pops up and someone’s having a rest, particularly me or probably David (Warner), it’s about getting it out a little bit earlier and making sure that message is right. I watched every ball that was bowled in the one-day series and I did miss it, but having said that it probably will do me the world of good looking at what's coming up.”