Virat Kohli currently at their pick of the form and every one now wants him to take as a brand ambassador and wants to promote their brand.

As Dhoni became after 2007 world cup winning and he continue with Pepsico 11 years and now Pepsico wants to replace Mahi with Virat as he was at pick recently.

PepsiCo VP for beverages Vipul Prakash said, “At PepsiCo, our focus in advertising and marketing is to make our products the hero and celebrate the hero. The idea will always play the most important role. If there's a role for the celebrity that helps take forward the idea of celebrating our product, we're more than happy to taking it further."

Before the retirement from Test Cricket he was brand ambassador of 18 brands and now he was brand ambassador of only 10 brands. He lost Brands like Sony, Dabur and recently Pepsi.