Now a days it's trend of T20 cricket and every one like to see fast cricket but original cricket was test cricket and day by day the interest from test cricket was reduced.

ICC try to make the test match interesting, for this they are planning to make test match day-nights. Use of Pink balls and hard ball. ICC also plans to make it shorter or two-tire test system to get the test match popularity back.

Because of T20I, fans lost their interest from ODIs also but in ODI it was limited over so fans may enjoy cause now days more runs scored because of T20 effect.

But Originally test match became boring because of the team and players it self. Cause now a days every team wants to score more runs so they are playing with 4 bowlers only.

Because of this 4 bowlers sometime the bowlers may fail to take wickets so to solve this every team has to play with 5 bowlers.

If team have 5 bowlers in squad then any of that 5 bowlers any one can take 2-3 wickets and because of that others also start contribute to take wickets.

It became Boring when One team batsmen continues to score 2 days and score runs around 600 runs then second team automatically comes under pressure.

This happen because team include more batsmen as compare to the bowlers.

If any team want to won the test match then their bowlers has to took 20 wickets only that way test match can be won not by batsmen just scoring runs.

Recently we have seen the test match series of England and Sri Lanka, England scored big runs and Sri Lanka fails to score runs. No doubt there is fault of Sri Lankan batsmen but if Sri Lankan batsmen also scored big runs then this became completely boring.

Test match can be interesting if the bowlers took wickets continuous intervals means at end of the day if any team score runs around 300 runs and another team took wickets around 6 or 7 then only test match can be interesting.

If they did so then both the team have equal chance of winning and because of this the actual test match we can see.