Recently BCCI has the problem with the BCCI on the Budget of the Champions Trophy which ICC approved and the money they got from ICC for the World cup was 1/3 of the Champions Trophy's Budget.

But BCCI will earn money from the media right and the associate sponsors for the some period of times.

Recently Hyundai join as one of the associate sponsors with BCCI for 4 years and another sponser was Paytm who also signed 4 years contract.

BCCI's  annual report 2014-15 declared a total revenue of Rs 5436.97 crores, Rs 1300 crores more than the Rs 4088.94 crores in the previous financial year.

This figures are not small and that why BCCI is the richest cricketing board of the world.

As per the calculation BCCI may earn around Rs 50 crore for every match India played whether it was Test Match, ODI Match or T20I Match.

Major Income for any of the cricket board is from the Television or say Media rights.

BCCI finalised a deal of IPL broadcasting with the Sony Network for 10 years and the deal was of $2 Billion that was around Rs. 8200 crores in Indian rupee.

So in every IPL around 60 matches is there and contract of 10 years so BCCI earn from every IPL match from the Media right was around 13.66 crores for each match.

That only IPL broadcasting rights now lets see how much star sports gave to BCCI for the Indian team matches.

From 2012, Star sports made a 6 years contract for 96 matches of Indian team with the amount of $750 million which was around Rs. 3815 crore in indian rupee.

So if we calculate each match amount from this then BCCI will earn around 40 crore per match.

Now another Star product Hotstar took the digital rights for Indian team matches for 302 crores for 2 years and if we calculate per match amount then it will be 3.14 crore per match.

So now if we add both the amount then BCCI will earn around 43 crore per match.

Another one is that series title sponsors, Recently PayTM paid Rs 203 crores for all the Indian home series title sponsership that includes around 84 matches and per match amount was  2.4 crore.

Now we add this to the media rights amount then it will reach to 45.4 crore per match.

Another one is the official team sponsor means the brand who's name showed on Indian team Jersey.

Recently Star won the contract for 203 crores for 3 years and that was around 1.9 crore per match for international matches expect ICC's  major tournament. That will cost 6 crore per match.

So at end if we add total then it will reach around 50 core per match when India team just reach at ground for the play.

We forgot about the Nike that we seen on the right shoulder of the Indian team Jersey. Nike also have to pay t BCCI for making the Jersey. Nike made a deal of 270 crore with BCCI for 5 years.


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