Cassandra Davis, new lady in Ronaldo's life. She also has a Master's in business from the University of Florida. TMZ posted photos on August 1 showing Ronaldo getting close with Instagram fitness model Cassandre Davis.

The gossip site says the photos were taken over the weekend in Miami. Davis is quietly a big deal in her own right, amassing over 600,000 worth of Instagram followers.

TMZ reports that during Ronaldo and Davis' display of PDA, "a smokin' hot friend came over and began smackin' the lady on her butt -- and no one complained." The pair also shared a deckchair for a while.

On his Instagram page, Ronaldo posted two photos over the weekend, one showing him with a group of friends. The other was a preening selfie.

The American fitness instructor has found herself becoming increasingly popular on social networks, with her instagram account in particular getting a great deal of attention.

Look below and you’ll see why…

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Cassandre Davis. Ronaldo girlfriend

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