Portugal and Real Madrid captain Cristiano Ronaldo inaugurated his own hotel on Friday called "Pestana CR7" after his initials and shirt number.

Total cost around the 615 crore of this 5 star hotel in Portugal's Lisbane. Rent of one room around  Rs.16,000 and for special suits rent around Rs. 50,000.

Ronaldo said: 'The first Pestana CR7 had to be in Funchal - my city that also is considered the best island by the World Travel Awards.

Meanwhile, the president of the Madeira region, Miguel Albuquerque, said that the local airport would be named in Ronaldo's honour.

Dionisio Pestana said: 'This fourth brand is a decisive step in the commitment of the Pestana Group to a new generation of hotels.'

The hotel, which is already up and running, has 49 rooms - 25 of which are referred to as 'CR7 type rooms', in reference to the former Manchester United man.

There are also 23 'Superior CR7' rooms and one suite for those visiting to take advantage of.

On Saturday, Ronaldo will visit his new museum which is situated on the ground floor of his hotel.

A second "CR7" hotel is to open in Lisbon later this year with two others planned in Madrid and New York in 2017.

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to have an airport named after him in his native island of Madeira