Few weeks before Manchester United's new boss Jose Mourinho showed his interset on the another France star player Antoine Griezmann.

Today Blues also eying on the star of the Euro 2016 for the next season so it was almost set that next year would be the another France man.

Chelsea's new Boss Antonio Conte is not happy with the clubs this years transfers and it was highly possible that he tried his best to buy the Griezmann for next year.

While on the other end The Red Devil made the statement this year by buying the Pogba by setting the world record fee transfer.

Red Devil arc rival Manchester City may also looking for the France star as they used most money this year and they will try but not as Red Devil can do this year.

Antoine Griezmann currently played for the Atletico Madrid and his contract will finish in 2021 so it was highly expected that 2017 will be the year of the Griezmann and Atletico madrid.