New Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says the club "belong" in the Champions League, and says John Terry is an "important player", and will remain captain.

So their first target this year will be to play in Champions League and for that Blues have to finish in top 4 of the table and it looks like tough.

“We know that this year won’t be easy for us because if we think last season, the 10th position, last season was a bad season,” the Italian told reporters.

“We know – me, the players, the club. We must think to the present to work very hard every day, every week, every month to be something important for the fans, because the fans need to find a team ready to fight until the end – to compete with the other teams.

“There is only one team that will win the title but we must stay there, to fight for the title, for the Champions League. Chelsea belongs to the Champions League. We must stay there.”

“The pressure for me is not important because I was born with pressure. It is normal, because when you are a player or a manager of a great football club, like Chelsea, you must play to win,” the former Juventus boss added.

“To win the title, to fight at the end to compete with the other teams to win the title, to reach your targets. I know that this league is very, very difficult because there are six, seven teams that can win the title and, for this reason, the situation, it excites me.”