The best teams from across Europe will compete on Europe's elite stage to crown a new Europe champion. Spread across ten exotic French destinations, the Euro is one of the most anticipated tournaments.

Germany are the current world champion having the FIFA World Cup two years ago, their title credentials in this competition could be seriously threatened by the likes of Spain, France and Belgium – currently Europe's top seeded side.

Spain have won the last two editions of the UEFA Euro but head into this tournament firmly alongside their rivals given their poor performance in the FIFA World Cup where they were eliminated in the group stages after a string of under par performances.

Euro 2016 fixtures / Schedule:

Friday10/6/2016France v Romania12:30amStade de France Paris
Saturday11/6/2016Albania v Switzerland06:30pmStade Bollaert-Delelis Lens
Wednesday15/6/2016Romania v Switzerland09:30pmParc des Princes Paris
Wednesday15/6/2016France v Albania12:30amStade Velodrome Marseille
Sunday19/6/2016Romania v Albania12:30amStade de Lyon
Sunday19/6/2016Switzerland v France12:30amStade Pierre Mauroy Lille
Saturday11/6/2016Wales v Slovakia09:30pmStade de Bordeaux
Saturday11/6/2016England v Russia12:30amStade Velodrome Marseille
Wednesday15/6/2016Russia v Slovakia06:30pmStade Pierre Mauroy Lille
Thursday16/6/2016England v Wales06:30pmStade Bollaert-Delelis Lens
Monday20/6/2016Russia v Wales12:30amStadium de Toulouse
Monday20/6/2016Slovakia v England12:30amStade Geoffroy-Guichard St Etienne
Sunday12/6/2016Poland v Northern Ireland09:30pmStade de Nice
Sunday12/6/2016Germany v Ukraine12:30amStade Pierre Mauroy Lille
Thursday16/6/2016Ukraine v Northern Ireland09:30pmStade de Lyon
Thursday16/6/2016Germany v Poland12:30amStade de France Paris
Tuesday21/6/2016Ukraine v Poland09:30pmStade Velodrome Marseille
Tuesday21/6/2016Northern Ireland v Germany09:30pmParc des Princes Paris
Sunday12/6/2016Turkey v Croatia06:30pmParc des Princes Paris)
Monday13/6/2016Spain v Czech Republic06:30pmStadium de Toulouse
Friday17/6/2016Czech Republic v Croatia09:30pmStade Geoffroy Guichard St Etienne
Friday17/6/2016Spain v Turkey12:30amStade de Nice
Tuesday21/6/2016Czech Republic v Turkey12:30amStade Bollaert-Delelis Lens
Tuesday21/6/2016Croatia v Spain12:30amStade de Bordeaux
Monday13/6/2016Republic of Ireland v Sweden09:30pmStade de France Paris
Monday13/6/2016Belgium v Italy12:30amStade de Lyon
Friday17/6/2016Italy v Sweden06:30pmStadium de Toulouse
Saturday18/6/2016Belgium v Republic of Ireland06:30pmStade de Bordeaux
Wednesday22/6/2016Italy v Republic of Ireland12:30amStade Pierre Mauroy Lille
Wednesday22/6/2016Sweden v Belgium12:30amStade de Nice
Tuesday14/6/2016Austria v Hungary09:30pmStade de Bordeaux
Tuesday14/6/2016Portugal v Iceland12:30amStade Geoffroy Guichard St Etienne
Saturday18/6/2016Iceland v Hungary09:30pmStade Velodrome Marseille
Saturday18/6/2016Portugal v Austria12:30amParc des Princes Paris
Wednesday22/6/2016Iceland v Austria09:30pmStade de France
Wednesday22/6/2016Hungary v Portugal09:30pmStade de Lyon
LAST 16  
Match 1Switzerland v Poland06:30pm25/6/2016St-Etienne
Match 2Wales v Northern Ireland12:30am25/6/2016Lens
Match 3Croatia v Portugal09:30pm25/6/2016Paris
Match 4France v Republic of Ireland12:30am26/6/2016Toulouse
Match 5Germany v Slovakia09:30pm26/6/2016Lille
Match 6Hungary v Belgium06:30pm26/6/2016Lyon
Match 7Italy v Spain09:30pm27/6/2016St-Denis
Match 8England v Iceland12:30am27/6/2016Nice
Poland v Portugal12:30am30/6/2016Marseille
Wales v Belgium12:30am1/7/2016Lille
Germany v Italy12:30am2/7/2016Bordeaux
France v Iceland12:30am3/7/2016St-Denis
Portugal v Wales12:30am6/7/2016Lyon
Germany v France12:30am7/7/2016Marseille
Portugal v France12:30am10/7/2016St-Denis