The defending Champions on fire at the start of the season agasint Real Betis by scoring 6 goals against them.

Luis Suarez scored hat-trick while Argentina star Lionel Messi scored 2 goals. Suarez and Messi netted 66 league goals between them.

While this duo miss his another star Neymer, who won the Gold Medal in Olympic for his national side.

This trio became dangerous for any club in any of the league they are simply genius and all of them can score goal from no where.

From the Pass from Messi Truan open the account of the Barcelona. Then Messi scored himself at 37th minute and Suarez scored goal at 42nd minute for Barcelona before half time.

While Ruben Castro was the only goal scorer from Real Betis side before half time so score was 3-1 at half time.

And it was repeat score in second half at end of the game score was 6-2 where Messi scored 2 goals, Castro scored 2 goals and Suarez scored his hat-trick and became first hat-trick scorer of the season.