Bastian Schweinsteiger, Captain of Germany wrote a message on Germany's facebook page to take apology to the Germany fans after loosing in the Semi final against France and they didn't able to do what Spain did. Spain win a world cup and won the Euro cup back to back.

This might be his last major tournament for Germany cause he was 31 year old now and he turn out to be 33 when 2018 world cup will be played in Russia.

He want to apology for the fans cause during that corner if his hand didn't touch to ball then Penalty want be given to France and match would be gone in any of the way.

Bastian wrote a letter which was posted on German football’s official facebook page. This is what he said:

Dear fans,

It’s a real shame. Our dream has not been fulfilled. We didn’t make it to the final, so Rio will not be followed by another magical night. Unfortunately, we were missing something extremely important against France: a little bit of luck. Defeats are a part of the game though, even if they hurt. We of course acknowledge our opponents’ performance and sincerely and warmly congratulate the French team on progressing to the final.

I am proud of what we have achieved. We have stayed true to playing our style of football. We have continued to grow as a team in the last seven weeks and this togetherness, which made us strong in Brazil two years ago, has done the same again here in France. We are a team, we are Die Mannschaft.

Our fans are also a part of it. Wherever we were, Lille, St. Denis, Paris, Bordeaux or Marseille – thanks to you we had our twelfth man by our side. Your enthusiasm was clear to hear and see in the stadiums. We also felt the support of all the people in Germany. At this point, we would like the say THANK YOU to all the fans.

We would also like to thank the hosts, France and the French people. We have felt happy, safe and fully welcome from the first day. We had the best possible conditions in Evian. We were able to concentrate and train intensely, as well as relax in peace and recover where we were staying. France have been amazing hosts for the European Championship.

I would like to take my hat off to France on behalf of the team.

Merci! Au revoir! And see you soon!