Pro kabaddi League 2016 Results

1June 2520:00Puneri Paltan28 - 24Telugu Titans
221:00U Mumba36 - 34Jaipur Pink Panthers
3June 2620:00Bengaluru Bulls24 – 23Bengal Warriors
421:00Puneri Paltans41 - 19U Mumba
5June 2720:00Bengal Warriors31 - 23Dabang Delhi
621:00Puneri Paltans24 - 30Patna Pirates
7June 2820:00Puneri Paltans27 - 27Dagang Delhi
8June 2920:00Jaipur Pink Panthers28 - 24Telugu Titans
921:00U Mumba34 - 36Patna Pirates
10June 3020:00Jaipur Pink Panthers28 - 28Bengaluru Bulls
11July 120:00U Mumba27 - 25Dabang Delhi
1221:00Jaipur Pink Panthers36 - 33Bengal Warriors
13July 220:00Dabang Delhi32 - 24Bengaluru Bulls
1421:00Jaipur Pink Panthers28 - 33Puneri Paltans
15July 320:00Telugu Titans33 - 35Patna Pirates
1621:00Bengal Warriors18 - 26U Mumba
17July 420:00Bengaluru Bulls29 - 27Patna Pirates
1821:00Telugu Titans35 - 18Bengal Warriors
19July 520:00Telugu Titans 28-30Bengaluru Bulls
20July 620:00Dabang Delhi 26-51Jaipur Pink Panthers
2121:00Telugu Titans 35-30U Mumba
22July 720:00Patna Pirates 31-25Bengaluru Bulls
23July 820:00Bengaluru Bulls 23-24U Mumba
2421:00Patna Pirates 35-21Bengal Warriors
25July 920:00Bengal Warriors 31-38Puneri Paltan
2621:00Patna Pirates 15-33Dabang Delhi
27July 1020:00Dabang Delhi 23-28Telugu Titans
2821:00Patna Pirates 21-26Jaipur Pink
29July 1220:00Bengaluru Bulls 24-32Telugu Titans
3021:00Puneri Paltan 34-34Bengal Warriors
31July 1320:00Bengaluru Bulls 22-24Jaipur pink Panthers
32July 1420:00Jaipur Pink Panthers 23-29U Mumba
3321:00Bengaluru Bulls 23-38Patna Pirats
34July 1520:00Telugu Titans 32-29Puneri Paltan
3521:00Bengaluru Bulls 20-40Dabang Delhi
36July 1620:00Bengal Warriors 32-25Jaipur Pink Panthers
3721:00Patna Pirates 34-24U Mumba
38July 1720:00Puneri Paltan 27-33Jaipur Pink Panthers
3921:00Bengal Warriors 27-33Patna Pirates
40July 1820:00Bengal Warriors 34-34Telugu Titans
41July 1920:00Telugu Titans 36-28Dabang Delhi
4221:00Bengal Warriors 25-27Bengaluru Bulls
43July 2020:00U Mumba 34-31Puneri Paltan
44July 2120:00Jaipur Pink Panthers 24-22Dabang Delhi
4521:00U Mumba 25-25Telugu Titans
46July 2220:00Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-22Patna Pirates
4721:00U Mumba 27-31Bengal Warriors
48July 2320:00Patna Pirates 31-28Puneri Paltan
4921:00U Mumba 27-28Bengaluru Bulls
50July 2420:00Dabang Delhi 41-20Bengal Warriors
5121:00Telugu Titans 35-23Jaipur Pink Panthers
52July 2520:00Dabang Delhi 31-32Patna Pirates
53July 2620:00Patna Pirates 25-46Telugu Titans
5421:00Dabang Delhi 34-39Puneri Paltan
55July 2720:00Puneri Paltan 36-33Bengaluru Bulls
5621:00Dabang Delhi 34-38U Mumba
57July 2920:00Puneri Paltan 33-37 Patna Pirates
5821:00Jaipur Pink Panthers 34-24 Telugu Titans
59July 3120:00Telugu Titans 35-40 Puneri Paltan
6021:00Patna Pirates 37-29 Jaipur Pink Panthers
After the Three Season of the Pro Kabaddi League its time to another season which is PKL 4. PKL 2016 season 4 started from the 25 june 2016. This is the second edition of this year. Pro Kabaddi League is one of the professional kabaddi tournament of India and its played in the based of the Indian Premier League format.
Total 8 Teams are participating in this PKL 2016 contest.

 Total 60 Matches

  • 56 group stage matches,

  • 2 of semi final

  • 3/4 place play off

  • Final Match