Rio Olympics Equestrian schedule - 2016

6 August 2016(Saturday)

  • Eventing individual and team Dressage Day 1(6:30 pm)

7 August 2016(Sunday)

  • Eventing individual and team Dressage Day 2(6:30 pm)

8 August 2016(Monday)

  • Eventing individual and team cross Country(6:30 pm)

9 August 2016(Tuesday)

  • Eventing team and individual jumping final(6:30 pm)

10 August 2016(Wednesday)

  • Dressage team Grand Prix Day 1(6:30 pm)

11 August 2016(Thursday)

  • Dressage team Grand Prix Day 2(6:30 pm)

12 August 2016(Friday)

  • Dressage team Grand Prix Special(6:30 pm)

14 August 2016(Sunday)

  • Jumping individual qualification(6:30 pm)

15 August 2016(Monday)

  • Dressage individual Grand Prix Freestyle(6:30 pm)

16 August 2016(Tuesday)

  • Jumping team qualification(6:30 pm)

17 August 2016(Wednesday)

  • Jumping team final(6:30 pm)

19 August  2016(Friday)

  • Individual jumping finals A/B

Official partners for Summer Olympics 2016 Live Streaming

Indian fans can watch Rio 2016 live on

UK fans can watch on

NBC and NBC Sports will provide live streaming for the US audiences on

CCTV and CCTV Sports is likely to offer live streaming for audiences in China and through Asia. CCTV in English may also cover the Olympics.

Some of the official partners are yet to be announced as the situation is unclear on this live streaming issue.

Till now few sites are recommended for live streaming of Rio Olympic Games 2016which are: