Brazilian football teams Olympic coach Micale feels that Neymer could quite international football because of the pressure on him. Fans disrespects against him.

Fans disrespect him after Brazil played a draw against South Africa in Rio 2016, So their home fans disappoint from their team and star Neymer.

The 24-year-old Barcelona star has been criticised for his mediocre performances and lack of leadership, with Brazil facing an embarrassing elimination from the tournament on home soil.

Neymar has been publicly targetted, fans have been seen chanting the name of Marta, who has flourished in the women’s team at this year's Games.

Neymar also declined to talk to the media after the game against Iraq.

Coach Rogerio Micale : “If we don't respect our stars, then they won't want to be with us. Neymar wanted to be with the national side and he had to take this on and at the age of 24 people are making so many demands of him."

He said : “Marta and Neymar are two great Brazilian players, Neymar is just 24 and hasn’t fully matured. Generally, a player reaches his peak at 28, both physically and mentally, and he has had to deal with the pressure of being a leader since he was 17 years old.”

Micale feels that Brazil are still in a position to qualify : “We always have to reflect and even more so when we don't get the desired result," Micale said.

"We have a way of playing that allows us to make changes and we can't change that without training. We're not going to change everything because we're not winning. What we can do is make some alterations."